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Gift Certificates

A Nicholas Christies Day Spa gift certificate is something that is highly valued and always remembered. Stop by, call us at 508.242.9727 or purchase popular gift certificate packages online through PayPal.

Dollar Denominations Gift Cards

$500 Gift Card

$1,000 Gift Card

Gift Certificate Policies

Gift Certificates are sent out to recipients within 24 hours of purchase, Monday – Friday via the United States Post Office. Purchases made over the weekend will be processed on Tuesday.

Gift Certificates are redeemed for their dollar value only. Prices are subject to change.

Nicholas Christies Day Spa is not responsible for gift certificates delayed and lost in the mail.

Delivery to an incorrect but deliverable address as provided by the Purchaser is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

Nicholas Christies Day Spa is not responsible for the delivery of a Gift Card to a non-existent address.

Lost, stolen or damaged Gift Certificates will not be replaced. -->