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Men’s Services

As more and more men are finding out, good grooming provides real dividends in business, social and intimate relationships.

Nicholas Christies Day Spa has personalized services for our male clients that are provided in a private and relaxed setting.

Man Receiving Head Massage From Massager In Spa

Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

This exciting new technology delivers better exfoliation, product penetration and healing using low-level ultrasound.

Beneficial for all skin types including sensitive and acneic, Ultrasonic Therapy provides intense cleaning, deeper, more effective absorption of specialized products, and stimulation of cell metabolism to utilize essential nutrients; all with little or no trauma to the skin. The Ultrasonic Therapy Facial is gentle and relaxing and can treat a number of skin conditions.

Ultrasonic Therapy – $160

Gentlemen’s Facial

Relax and sit back as your face gets the treatment it deserves. Your face treatment begins with a thorough cleansing and exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells). Then a seaweed mask that promotes detoxification of your cells is applied. Steam is used to loosen and remove clogged pores and ingrown hairs. New skin cell production and healthier looking skin is promoted by an aloe vera gel mask. 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Gentlemen’s Facial -$110


Men often overlook this part of personal care. Yet, the hands say a lot about you. Our manicure will properly file and shape your nails. Then your cuticles will be trimmed, followed by a hand massage and buffered finish. 30 minutes

Manicure – $18

Foot Treatment

They take so much abuse – your feet need maintenance. A whirlpool foot soak is followed by a heavy-duty salt scrub and a peppermint hydrating treatment. Dead skin will be removed (necessary calluses preserved) and nails will be trimmed, filed and cleaned up. 45 minutes.

Foot Treatment – $48

Sports Massage

You work hard – whether it’s on the job, at the gym or working around your home, Enjoy a massage which will relax everyday stress, and aches. This deep massage will also help injuries heal as well as prevent additional ones. 1 hour.

Sports Massage – $95

Male Retreat Spa Package

The special man in your life does care about his appearance. Give him a healthy dose of good grooming with this specially designed men’s package.

The Male Retreat Package includes a SkinFit Facial, Sports Massage and Foot Treatment. Spa package time is 2 ½ hours

Male Retreat – $263 -->