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Skin Care Treatments

Almost everyone can benefit from a peel. Ask your aesthetician about the various peels offered during your next facial or schedule a free consultation. Make a peel part of your monthly regime.

PCA Peel

If your goal is to have smooth, clear skin and a complexion that is radiant and healthy looking a series of PCA peels with a simple home program will achieve noticeable results.
The PCA peel is an ideal treatment for:

• Aging skin
• Sun-damaged skin
• Uneven pigmentation
• Dry, sallow skin
• Acne prone or excessively oily skin
• Dehydrated or environmentally damaged skin

This is an excellent regimen to begin each Fall season to help reverse sun damage and uncover your skin’s youthful radiance in time for the holiday season.

What is a PCA Peel? The PCA peel is a unique solution of ingredients that not only exfoliate the outer superficial cells, but at the same time, lightens and even outs overall skin tone.

A PCA peel is a clinical peel and is much less invasive than a medical grade TCA peel. There is no down time. Each treatment takes approximately an hour or less and it is possible for you to go back to work that day and continue your usual daily routine. There is minimal discomfort during the procedure. Some redness and flaking may appear after the treatment, but this should disappear within 12 hours.

Included with your initial treatment is a product kit for continued at home care to protect and enhance your skin post peel.

The PCA peel is applied superficially to skin and can be part of a monthly skin treatment program. PCA peels are used therapeutically for skin disorders related to the environment and the aging process.

Other areas of the body that have sustained sun damage, e.g. hands or chest, are also treatable. For optimum results we recommend you follow a prescribed home skincare regime and repeat peel treatments on a monthly basis.

PCA Package Peel (5 Treatments) – $675
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PCA Peel – $135 -->